Constantza Port

Constantza Port is both a maritime and a river port. Daily, more than 200 river vessels are in the port for cargo loading or unloading or waiting to be operated. Facilities offered by the port allow accommodation of any type of river vessel.

The connection of the port with the Danube river is made through the Danube-Black Sea Canal, which represents one of the main strengths of Constantza Port. Due to low costs and important cargo volumes that can be carried, the Danube is one of the most advantageous modes of transport, an efficient alternative to the European rail and road congested transport.

Important cargo quantities are carried by river, between Constantza and Central and Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Germany. River traffic is very important for Constantza Port, having a share of 19% of the total traffic in 2007.

In order to cope with the future growth of river traffic, Maritime Ports Administration SA Constantza has started a new investment for a Barge Terminal, the first stage of the project being completed. Such investment will improve the sailing conditions and develop facilities for the accommodation of river vessels in the South part of the port.

Connections/ Regular lines/ Containers

The main world container lines provide a fast and efficient connection between Constantza Port and the most important ports of the world. Direct services linking the Port of Constantza and Far East ports in the last years, have had as a result the changing into a hub for the Black Sea Region and a distribution centre for Central and Eastern Europe.

The increase of 276% in the last two years for the container traffic, from 206,449 TEU in 2003 to 776,594 TEU in 2005, has determined the employment of vessels with a capacity of 5,500 - 6,000 TEU, for the calls at Constantza Port. The container transit has increased to 62% of total container traffic in 2005, Constantza serving the Black Sea ports through fedeer services. Also the trend was the same for the period 2006 - 2007, when it was registered an increase of 36%, from 1.037.077 TEU for 2006 to 1.411.370 TEU registered in 2007.

Starting with 2005, alongside with sea container services were launched river services for container transport on the Danube, connecting the river ports of Constantza and Belgrad. In the near future, it is scheduled to be inaugurated a new river service between Constantza and Hungarian and Austrian river ports.


The Port of Constantza is a traditional partner for the Eastern and Central European countries with high agricultural production that transit their cargoes towards worldwide destinations.

There are many facilities for the operation and storage of dry cereals in the Port of Constantza, which are served by 14 specialized berths, with depths between 7 and 13 m. Both river and Panamax maritime vessels can be operated. The storage facilities include silos and warehouses and have a total storage capacity of 350.000 tons simultaneously.

Also, maritime vessels of big capacity are operated at sea-buoy at 16 m depth by direct transshipment from/into river vessels.Many important stevedoring companies are operating agribulk in the Port of Constantza .